About us

The firm that focus on good service and quick delivery

R. J. Rygg Gummivarefabrikk as is located close to E18 beetween Drammen and Holmestrand – approx. 60 km south of Oslo on the west side of the Oslo-fjord (see map). We have over 30 years experience producing rubberprofiles, both sponge-rubber and compact rubber in Neopren, EPDM, Nitil and Flame Resistant qualities. We also have our own toolmaker so if you need a spesial profile, call us. Otherwise we deliver a full spectre of all widths and thicknesses of self-adhesive seals and gaskets in Neopren and EPDM, spongerubber or in compact rubber qualities.  If you need a special type of profile send us a scale-drawing/sketch by fax 33785661 and we will give you a quote. We have over 1500 tools so there is a real possibility of finding the profile to suit your needs. If not, we can make a tool at at reasonable price.
"We are a small production company with good service as our top priority."

This means that we have a very short delevery time – if urgent 1 day for an express service. We are also problem solvers and will help you with your sealingproblems.